What Should I Wear To My Headshot Session?

Let’s assume you are not a “fashionista” and you intend to use your headshot for a business-related website or LinkedIn. With that in mind here are some simple tips for what to wear to your professional headshot session.

First and foremost: Make sure your clothes fit well, if you are comfortable in your outfit, it will help you look comfortable in your picture. Avoid clothing that is too baggy or too tight as those can get accentuated in studio lighting.



Stick to plain and neutral colors. Avoid busy patterns or wild prints because they are distracting and can also date your photo.

Typical flattering colors are in the mid-tones in blue, green, wine and purple. Avoid flesh tones like cream, beige, pastels, peach, yellow or other bright colors unless you have a dark, sweater or blazer to layer over it.

While pure black and white are safe (and boring) colors, we recommend richer neutrals like chocolate, navy blue, maroon and forest green.

Jewel tones also tend to flatter all complexions.

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Simple necklines (scoop, boat and crew neck) draw attention to your face to include the v-neck which is flattering because it lengthens the neck and shows off jewelry, if you choose to wear it. Be mindful of how low the v-neck goes, to avoid showing too much cleavage.

If you do decide to wear jewelry, keep it simple so we focus on your face.

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Select outfits that have at least 3/4 length sleeve or full length sleeves. If you are comfortable wearing a sleeveless blouse or dress, plan to bring a jacket or cardigan, to give you additional options.

Hair & Makeup

Bring a brush with you and hair product to help tame the fly-aways (although I can retouch the images to help if your hair doesn't cooperate.) If you intend to have your hair cut, try to do that a week or two before the headshot, to give you and your hair time to adjust to the new style.

Makeup is a personal choice, if you typically wear it then apply as you would normally but avoid wearing it too heavy as it will be very noticeable in a close up headshot, especially if it starts clumping (mascara). What is too much makeup? It really depends on you, but remember you want to be recognizable. Chapstick is recommended at a minimum to help keep your lips from looking dry on camera.

If you plan to have your hair styled and makeup done professionally prior to your session, there is a great salon one floor above our studio called Stylists at North.



Classic dark colors such as dark navy or gray work well. Ensure your suit fits and doesn’t bunch up when you button it or sit down. We recommend you bring a variety with you and change in the studio. Dress shirts that are loose fitting will bunch up under your suit jacket, so try to wear a slim fitting shirt.


Choose solid color ties that complement you and your suit jacket and shirt. Avoid ties with distracting patterns or colors and shiny materials.

Not sure what approach you want to take in terms of your headshot? Consider taking several poses from professional (suit and tie) to business casual or casual by wearing a polo or business shirt with an open collar and jacket or sweater.

Skin Care

Shave early enough before your headshot session to give your skin time to recover and nicks to heal.  We recommend chapstick to help keep your lips moisturized.

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- Hydrate and get rest before your headshot.

- Bring several outfits to choose from so we have options, even if you are only taking one picture, you may be surprised to see that your favorite outfit doesn't actually photograph well.  It’s better to have too many to choose from than not enough. Our studio has a private changing room.

- Bring your pressed outfits with you, avoid wearing them or eating in them prior to arrival.

- If you normally wear glasses, bring them, we'll make every effort to keep the glare to a minimum.

Don't worry about blemishes or pimples, we can retouch those as if they were never there.

- Don’t worry about your shoes if all we are shooting is your headshot, so wear something comfortable.

- Relax, we are going to have fun (I promise!)